Hubei Biocause Phamaceutical Co., Ltd.
#122Yangwan Road,Jingmen, Hubei, China
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Contract Manufacture

    We have 3 API GMP facilities, involves multifunctional workshops and kilo pilot plants 
with total of 510 reaction vessels at max5000Land over1000 m total reaction 
volumes for annual output reaching 4000 metric tons.
◆Isolation technology, including purification, controlled crystallization and industrial 
   scale column chromatography
◆Operational conditions, typically ranging from-90 Cto280 C, and from low  
   pressure to 50 bars
◆Quick turnaround of manufacture proposals 
◆Scale up of multi-step processes
◆Various purification capabilities to achieve high purities (>99%)
◆Reduce cost through cycle time reduction and continuous process optimization
◆Effective bulk material sourcing & extensive analytical support
◆Daily engineering support to generate scale up parameters
◆High degree of EHS regulations compliance 

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