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Contract Research

Located in Wuhan China, our R&D center is awarded as Innovation Company of Hubei 
province, and appointed by local government for industrial technology transferring site 
and cooperation with domestic Post-doctors. In addition, we have long collaborations 
with Institute of Materia Medica (CAMS), Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry(CAS) , 
Wuhan University, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 
and etc. 

■Consistently synthesize chemical entities as per customer’s requirements 
■Develop patent non-infringing processes for patented generics 
■Troubleshoot chemistry issues through in-house  technical expertise  
■Develop analytical methods and quick turnaround of analytical results
■Identify and prepare impurities/reference standards
■Constantly manage customer project through PM team and PM program

Process Capabilities

Organic Reactions

Chiral Synthesis                                    Heterocyclization 
Metallic Organic Reaction                      Grignard reaction
Nucleophilic substitution reaction          Esterification
Suzuki reaction                                    Elimination reaction
Alkylation                                             Glycochemistry
                                                            Preparative HPLC
Rectification                                          Resin Purification
Friedel-Crafts Reaction                          Halogenation 
Cyanation                                            Sulfonation 
Condensation                                       Nitration
Hydrolyzation                                        Hydrogenation
Diazotisation                                         Oxidation 
Reduction                                             Pericyclic Reaction 
Non-water & non-oxygen reaction 
Various Protection and Deprotection Techniques 

To develop patent non-infringing processes, we would 
■Try to repeat active patents, remove the disturbing information
■Evaluate key points of active patents, make mass of parallel tests to find alternative proposals
■Evaluate alternative proposals, choose the most suitable one
■Complete new process
■Apply process patent worldwide for the new process

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